I Watch the Corn

A game for the September 2018 Bitsy Jam ("Harvest"). Play as a scarecrow and learn what it's like to watch the corn grow.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreRole Playing
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, bitsyjam, fall, harvestjam


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aaw mr scarecrow ;____; this is so good and so sad :'(

Wow. A very sad story about a good dad scarecrow. I liked it very much-and I wished the scarecrow could scare away the raccoons too!

It's a very interesting perspective told in a very interesting way. I really like what you did with the Harvest theme! It was a sad, but very well told narrative.


i loved the story! a very interesting concept, and the sense of inevitability about the harvest and the scarecrow being unable to help/protect his children is really poignant tbh. (also, the crow sprites are extremely adorable~)

Aww this is sad... it's unfortunate to see all the corn wither and die with no way to help it. This was a really creative story and perspective though and you did a great job!